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    I found a bottle of Italian Jardiniera at the grocery store the other week and thought it looked exactly what I needed to make the base of a Central Grocery Muffuletta.  It was perfect!  My Muffuletta creation turned out soo good, we’ve had it several times since we made the discovery.


Osso Buco

I’ve been cooking a lot of heavy dishes the past few days.  ‘Tis the season for all those rich recipes to come out and Osso Buco served over plain-boiled polenta sounds perfect for another cold, snowy day in Colorado…. Yesterday morning, Spouse and I went up to Denver and drove through the beautiful and cold […]


Mango Salsa, Big Game Restaurant

  I had my first taste of mango salsa at a restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  It was the site of the old Trawler Restaurant which Spouse visited years ago.  We were there in early December last year and just went around the Shem Creek area trying to locate the old place but it was […]


Double Almond Cookies

I like making Oatmeal Raisin cookies when Spouse and I go on a road trip.  I’ve been doing this for years now.  He makes the Bacon and Egg Sandwiches we usually have for brunch on the road.  Then I  have a thermos of hot coffee and another for iced water.  I also pack some trail […]


Fish with Blackbeans

    After cooking a dish a couple of times, and introducing some of your own innovations, it becomes yours.  Like this Fish with Blackbeans and Tofu which has become one of mine and Spouse’s favorites. This recipe is based on a couple of recipes I used in the past. It’s evolved to be a […]


Burgers Again??

  Sometimes, there are advantages to not having demanding, little brats (just kidding – I love kids!) who’ll question your dinner choices every now and then…..but any brat….errr….kid….will like this recipe. As I said in my previous post, I’m not on my regular schedule after a vacation back home.  My pantry and refrigerator are just […]


Pancit Sotanghon Guisado

This is another common Filipino dish usually using annatto seeds to liven up the color. This particular one didn’t have the coloring because I always like the colors of the vegetables in pancit to show as naturally as possible. I wrote about it in an earlier post on pancit.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This is a very basic carrot cake iced with a cream cheese frosting which I used for the “white cake” I wrote about in my last post.  I tweaked the recipe to my taste and think this will be my keeper recipe.  I just love this cake for the spice, the moistness, the crunch  of […]


Greek Walnut Cake

    I purposely looked for this recipe after we went to the Greek Festival here in Colorado Springs  last summer.  There was this particular cake that I really loved and just guessed what it was.  When I saw this recipe, I think I had it.  It’s a walnut cake  laced with citrus syrup after it’s been […]


Summer Squash Quiche

    A summer squash is something I only got to try when I moved to the US.  It’s always found next to the zucchini at supermarkets.  These two vegetables actually go very well together.  But I like the summer squash more, mainly for its sweetness.  I just found out that this vegetable is also very beneficial […]

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Pots and Pans Crazy

It’s hard to imagine a frying pan getting controversial but it did in one popular food blog. I’ve never met anyone who was so sensitive that the mere mention of a certain type of pan could send them ballistic and rabid. I don’t think I want to meet anyone like that. The incident really caught […]


Fish Fry Pan

  I’m so happy to report  I finally got a fish pan for my kitchen!  It’s a 12-inch oval fry pan by Wolfgang Puck that also comes with a lid.   I got it for a very good bargain on Ebay, new but not flawless.  It had some scratches on the handle…something I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t so anal about handwashing […]


Cast Iron Skillet

  I just love my cast iron skillet! I got it for under $25 at the ever-reliable Walmart a few months back and have used it several times since. This is a 12-inch skillet by Lodge Logic of Tennessee.  This company has been in business since 1896, so you can be assured they know what […]


Silicone Bundt Pan

I just tried this  Hamilton Beach Professional Rose Bunt (sic) Pan that I got at the outlet store, Kitchen Collection.  Original price was $9.99 and a comparable price on the tag says $12.99. The store gave us a very reasonable price of $4.47 (not including sales tax) mainly because we braved the crowds at the […]

Salads They Will Love


Tomato and Cilantro Salsa Salted Eggs

Here’s an interesting way of serving a Filipino favorite, salted red eggs or itlog na maalat.  Youngest Sister prepared it for lunch one time and it was so amazingly fresh tasting and different that I just had to make it for lunch today. The colors in the photo didn’t come out right for some reason […]


Salad Nicoise

If you’re a carnivore like I’ve always been, you’ll understand why I say, a salad for lunch is like undeserved punishment.  It’s only after I got married a few years ago, that I started thinking of a more balanced diet and included salads in my regular fare.  But this particular one is so substantial and […]


Shrimp Salad

    This Shrimp Salad definitely qualifies as an easy summer lunch.  It requires a minimum of cooking, plus, it’s very light and cooling on a hot summer day.  I love that it looks so appetizing too. There have been heatwaves in both US coasts the last few weeks.  Thankfully, the summer has been pretty mild […]


A Mix of Fruits

      I don’t think this quailifies as a salad although I put it in that category. It’s really just a mix of fruits I intended would be a salad with lemon juice and honey….when I started out anyway.  Once I tasted how naturally sweet the melons were, I thought it would be a […]


Mama’s Ensalada

This is a salad my mom came up with way back when I was in my teens. It’s a very Filipino salad using the commonly used vegetables, bataw or hyacinth bean and sigadillas, also called winged bean in English. This is just another was you can use these readily available vegetables, aside from adding it […]

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