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Squash Curry

    Got gout?  Here’s something you can eat that won’t do you harm.  It’s a Squash Curry that we normally would prepare with pork and/or shrimps.  It’s just as tasty without the meat and quite healthy.  Turmeric is a main ingredient in curry powder and is widely known to be good for gout.  I […]

Mock Beef Caldereta

    Here’s a sorry attempt at plating a dish of beef caldereta.  Do you think I overdid it?  I really wasn’t going to post about this but decided I would at the last minute because of the attractively-colored vegetables.  This caldereta is missing a few key ingredients (which I’ll include in the recipe anyway) which […]

Shrimp Garlic Pasta

Food allergies are a terrible thing to live with, especially if it’s shrimp and crustaceans you cannot eat anymore!  Does one really have a choice when the last lobster meal I had sent me to the emergency room half dead?  Goodness, but hat meal was worth it…. Spouse loves shrimps.  He has a  nose like […]

Spaghetti Puttanesca

This Spaghetti Puttanesca recipe is again from The Sopranos Family Cookbook.  Honestly, I was not impressed when I was dishing this up.  I’ve cooked it before and my version was lighter.  After I took my first bite of this one, all relaxed and away from my kitchen, I was surprised at how different the same […]

Fish Taco with Mango Salsa

    I recommend this dish.  It was easy, took very little cooking so it’s perfect as a summer dish…and it will get your taste buds tingling with the lovely mix of flavors from the Mango Salsa which I earlier posted about. Spouse didn’t quite get this dish at first.  But after his first one, when […]

(no title)

Breakfast anyone? ? I got a pack of frozen blueberries after reading they are just as good for baking as fresh blueberries.? Blueberries are expensive this time of the year but I wanted to start the year right by getting more of the Super Foods in our diet. Okay, part of the reason I chose […]

Strawberries and Cream

    Sometimes, the best desserts are the simplest things you can come up with, like this bowl of  marinated strawberries with whipped cream.  It took so little effort, yet the result was stunning and delicious.

Everyday Paella

I’m calling this an Everyday Paella because the ingredients are just things I normally have in my pantry.  No special bomba rice, no seafood.  I omit shrimps in the recipe owing to my crustacean allergy.  Although, we did have a shrimp gambas to go with this, just so Spouse was happier with this simple paella.

Mushrooms Stuffed with Feta, Pepperoni and Spinach

    I saw these gorgeous and big mushrooms in the supermarket the other day and immediately thought of stuffed mushrooms.  As an experiment, I made a few changes to a surprisingly good recipe I came up with earlier.  My idea was I’d use up a couple of ingredients that have been sitting in my refrigerator […]

Garlic, Spinach & Cheese Mushrooms

  This was sooo good, even I was surprised!  The recipe is my own concoction based on several recipes I’ve been looking at in various websites.  This has spinach, garlic, mozarella and feta cheeses.  The combination was just as I had imagined it – perfect! I just hope I can do it as well the […]

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Pots and Pans Crazy

It’s hard to imagine a frying pan getting controversial but it did in one popular food blog. I’ve never met anyone who was so sensitive that the mere mention of a certain type of pan could send them ballistic and rabid. I don’t think I want to meet anyone like that. The incident really caught […]

Cast Iron Skillet

  I just love my cast iron skillet! I got it for under $25 at the ever-reliable Walmart a few months back and have used it several times since. This is a 12-inch skillet by Lodge Logic of Tennessee.  This company has been in business since 1896, so you can be assured they know what […]

Silicone Bundt Pan

I just tried this  Hamilton Beach Professional Rose Bunt (sic) Pan that I got at the outlet store, Kitchen Collection.  Original price was $9.99 and a comparable price on the tag says $12.99. The store gave us a very reasonable price of $4.47 (not including sales tax) mainly because we braved the crowds at the […]

Fish Fry Pan

  I’m so happy to report  I finally got a fish pan for my kitchen!  It’s a 12-inch oval fry pan by Wolfgang Puck that also comes with a lid.   I got it for a very good bargain on Ebay, new but not flawless.  It had some scratches on the handle…something I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t so anal about handwashing […]

Salads They Will Love

Mama’s Ensalada

This is a salad my mom came up with way back when I was in my teens. It’s a very Filipino salad using the commonly used vegetables, bataw or hyacinth bean and sigadillas, also called winged bean in English. This is just another was you can use these readily available vegetables, aside from adding it […]

Filipino Macaroni Salad

    Every Filipino has probably disparaged our very unique Macaroni Salad, as I have.   It’s not the usual macaroni, mayo and dill pickle concoction you’ll find everywhere else in the world.  I guess you could call it a bit “confusilcated” as Spouse likes to say.  A little bit of this, a little of that…and so much more.  It’s […]


    I don’t know why I never featured Coleslaw here before.  Its one of our staples.   This one in the photo was drier than my usual since it had about half the mayo I usually put.  I’ve consciously been lessening meal portions and trimming some fats from a lot of recipes in the hopes that it will make […]

A Mix of Fruits

      I don’t think this quailifies as a salad although I put it in that category. It’s really just a mix of fruits I intended would be a salad with lemon juice and honey….when I started out anyway.  Once I tasted how naturally sweet the melons were, I thought it would be a […]

Easy, Everyday Salad

    Here’s an interesting alternative to your everyday garden salad with bottled ranch dressing.  It’s easy to prepare, but not quite as simple as opening that bottled dressing. Like most things in the kitchen, a little bit of effort will be well worth it…which you’ll only realize in the eating. With the kalamata olives […]

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